Rihanna gears up to release her new music

Rihanna gears up to release her new music

Rihanna is reportedly all set to release her new album for the first time in five years.

The Desperado singer’s excited fans have been waiting for a long time for the superstar to release her new music.
According to new report, the 33-year-old singer said that her ninth album — which has been dubbed by fans and the singer herself as ‘R9’ — would soon be released  though many details are ‘tightly under wraps.’

A media outlet, citing  an insider, reported that new songs are  in the works including a new video.

‘Rihanna has been secretly working on new music for a long time and her ninth album has finally come together. She has kept fans waiting for a long time — and the pandemic slowed things up even more,’ the source said.

The details about the music video shoot were revealed with the source saying: ‘The project is still tightly under wraps but Rihanna will be filming a new music video in Los Angeles in July. Raja has been brought on board by Rihanna and her team, and he will be flying out to oversee everything.’

The duo have worked together on a few occasions and Virdi has become somewhat of her go-to videographer, filming everything from promotional videos for her photography book (The Rihanna Book) to various appearances and projects under her Fenty Corporation.

Rihanna’s last album ‘ANTI’ was released in 2016 and since then her ‘Rihanna Navy’ have been reading into everything she posts in the hopes that it may tip them off to a musical release.

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